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Angelic Star Healing

Angelic Space Clearings

Darkness and disharmony accumulates in our environments just as it does in our subtle energy bodies, physical body and chakras. Over time this buildup can result in major disturbances to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The toxicity can attract unwanted upper dimensional energies/entities, as they are magnetized to these types of patterns. All of this adds up to an environment feeling less than inviting, stagnant, cold, unpleasant and/or discouraging. Proper spiritual hygiene includes regular environmental clearing and cleansing. This fosters greater levels of inner and outer peace, serenity and a supportive environment for creativity and exploration. Any space can be cleared and aligned to attract the energies you desire – rooms, homes, businesses, venues.

Building Sacred Space Crystal Light Temples

Harness the power and healing energies of crystals to create Sacred Space in your home, apartment or business. Attune your space to the Earth and the heavens to create a supportive environment that generates and encourages positivity on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Attract and amplify frequencies of divine love and manifestation. Block unwanted chi currents and dimensional distortion.

Spiritual Hygiene and Psychic Self Defense classes

If you are sensitive, an empath or a lightworker an active spiritual hygiene practice is a must in maintaining clarity and good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is also essential in creating and cultivating your highest connection to Source and to navigating the upper dimensional realms. Learn basic and advanced practices in the art of cultivating a positive spiritual hygiene practice to keep yourself running well and feeling optimal. Learn to protect and defend yourself again a myriad of energetic forces that can take you out of your power. Reinforce your connection to the Earth and Mother/Father God. Claim and anchor your energetic sovereignty and shed obstacles to maximizing your light.