Angelic Star Healing

How Sessions Work

Angelic Star Healing is performed in person (Somerville, MA) and also at a distance, so there can be no need to travel to a healing center or office to have session work done. Universal energy is intelligent and moves via a combination of well-formed intent and the assistance of guardian beings of light anywhere throughout our world regardless of the location of the healer and healee.

Angelic Star Healing

Typical sessions last roughly 60 minutes, though they may sometimes run longer. At the time of a session I will have you shift into a meditative or contemplative state and relax in a comfortable position in your home while we work. We will be communicating via the telephone, and it is best if you have a hands-free device available to use. We will create a sacred space and call in the assistance of any light beings that you work with as well as my own angels and family of light and then let the energy begin to flow.

During the session we will dialog about the areas you’d like to work on while I conduit Angelic Star and other healing energies for you and perform vibrational energy work. We will address what arises and I will share with you any information that comes through spirit in the process.

When the session completes, it is encouraged that you drink lots of water to help flush toxins from your system for the next couple of days. You may feel immediate relief, or you may enter a state of clearing where you are processing out more toxicity and possibly experience some disharmony. If the latter is the case, it is best to relax and understanding that you are going through a process of shifting into a higher vibration and are simply releasing that which no longer serves you.

A one-hour session costs $150, payable via PayPal at least 48 hours before the session date. Cancellation requires 48 hours notice.

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