Angelic Star Healing

How Angelic Star Healing Can Help You Heal

Angelic Star Healing can:
Angelic Star Healing

Angelic Star Healing is particularly effective at healing “X-factor”- and starseed-related issues.

X-factor issues have root causes of dis-ease that are not physical in nature, or are “inorganic”. These complications are difficult to diagnose as modern science does not fully comprehend all that truly exists in our multiversal reality. Starseeds are often exhibit x-factor in some way. Some x-factor problems include:

Angelic Star Healing can remove Entities

Entities are disembodied consciousnesses that share the Earth realm with us. They thrive on human ego and create a cacophony of disharmony in a person’s emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Not all entities are equal, however. Some generate minor disturbances in our awareness and can make a targeted human experience something like making a mountain instead of a molehill (dreading something benign, seeing a task as too difficult to accomplish even though you know all the steps rote, etc.). But others can generate serious irrational and rational fears or pains by augmenting our own innate capacity to feel these things. They can even go so far as to push their way inside your consciousness (psychic invasion) via tentacles and other methods, attach to your central nervous system and overtake your thoughts, emotions and awareness. They can control the foods you eat, the words you speak, your monetary spending, your addictions and much more.

Angelic Star Healing can remove Implants

Implants are upper dimensional structures that are inserted anywhere within the human matrix as a control mechanism. There are many different types of implants, and these implants can do just about anything you might think of – affect your dreams, trigger unwanted base-level emotional responses like fear, shame and guilt, pollute your thought processes, make you hear voices or see cartoonish imagery in your mind’s eye... They can even control you physically. Implants get lodged within the aura, subtle energy bodies, and sometimes, through abduction or teleportation, get placed inside the physical body. These are particularly painful and nasty, not to mention difficult to get rid of. Subtle implants are far easier to remove. Implants generally come part and parcel with a physical plane existence, and most people have hundreds to thousands of them, especially if they live in a densely populated area (where darkness breeds and feeds).

Angelic Star Healing can remove Cords

Cords are subtle attachments between a person and something else, generally another person. Cords are a natural part of how we communicate sub- and unconsciously with one another and are used to transmit data back and forth, just like in many modern technologies. However, cords can be toxic. For example, you have a friend who is depressed all the time and addicted to drugs and experiences a lot of negativity. That person’s cords can transmit to you his/her disharmony and you can end up simply absorbing it into your own life and emotional experience unwittingly and unknowingly. Also, when one is actively walking their spiritual path and raising his/her vibration, one begins to become the receiver of a lot of corded baggage. This is because in our reality, “shit rolls down the hill” and Source is trying to get the person with the higher vibration to process out the toxic energy to clear it from the Earth plane. It is possible to remain corded to someone even after they leave your life, like an ex-lover. Cords can also be formed between people structures or the planet itself. It’s important to do routine maintenance on your cordal attachments to avoid psychic and emotional pollution.

Angelic Star Healing can remove Contracts/Agreements/Vows

Contracts and agreements are often created prior to our incarnation in physical form and can be of any nature. They can also be created sub- and unconsciously during the course of our physical lives. Contracts and agreements can deal with people, place, experiences and how we relate to the world and force our hand as far as life experience is concerned. For instance, some people have contracts to clear entities from the Earth grid and therefore they will be in some way directed/forced to do this regardless of whether or not they want to. Quite common are interpersonal contracts. For example, one will find him/herself “trapped” in a bad relationship of some kind, unable to free themselves no matter how much he/she desires separation. It is possible to uncover and clear many types of contracts, which fosters more personal freedom of experience and greater sovereignty. If you are really stuck on an issue, chances are there are contracts present.

Vows are similar and are generally from a past incarnation where we have made an active covenant with something – service, charity, poverty, fealty, etc. – for all time. Sadly, sometimes “all time” means lifetime to lifetime, and our less-than-preferred choices in the past have come back around to bite us in the present. Like contracts and agreements, vows can be cleared.

Angelic Star Healing can remove Wedges

Wedges exist in our auric field as structures that activate when we are in the process of clearing our issues and healing ourselves. In the negative, the force you onto a timeline of non-preferred energies. But spiritually they serve as tools to help drive home the healing, to make sure you really “got it”, and basically force you to review and work through issues again (and sometimes again) as you heal your other timelines. If you have a persistent issue that’s just not clearing, you may have spiritual wedges making you live lower versions of yourself.

Angelic Star Healing can remove Multiple Ensoulments

It is possible to have more than one soul or consciousness occupying the same form and awareness as yourself. These other souls are often less evolved and can generate a large amount of inner turmoil, as you are feeling their lower vibe emotions and receiving their lower vibe thoughtforms. This occurs as part of a galactic program to rehabilitate lesser consciousnesses in the hopes of shifting paradigmatic structures to higher consciousness/awareness. In the process of awakening, people with multiple ensoulments often feel like there is a foreign consciousness stuck inside of them, or their witnessing consciousness cannot understand where and why it continues to feel and experience certain emotions and feelings. The disconnection process offers greater sovereignty and feelings of levity and relief.

Angelic Star Healing can remove Blocks

Blocks can happen in the chakras, meridians, subtle bodies and aura and essentially dam up your proper flow of energy in some way. Often, they look like dark masses of debris and feel toxic when perceived. Blocks can occur for a variety of reasons, such as not fully dealing with an emotional issue, drug use, poor diet, etc. They short-circuit our energy system and generate many types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony. Blocks can be cleared and more optimal chi flow can be restored, generating greater well-being.