Angelic Star Healing

About Me, Marc Alexander

Angelic Star Healing

Namaste! I’m Marc. I’m a hyper-clairsentient practiced lightworker and starseed, gifted healer, transmutational artist and occasional channel. As a healer, I have studied with some wonderful people from around the world, learning various advanced vibrational energy healing techniques and ways of being. I have also studied meditation, mantra, sacred geometry, crystals and have done my fair share of self-learning via books and implementation of the various tools and techniques that I’ve received in practical application to enrich my own health and wellness and that of others.

My personal healing process is one that involves stabilizing and overcoming a major illness, as well as reaching into the unknown to free myself from the clutches of dimensional darkness, pain and astral/subtle/galactic terrorism. A work in progress, great strides have been made via a combination of receiving lightwork from others, establishing witness consciousness and paying close attention to everything in my awareness, working on myself wherever disharmony appears (no matter how subtle), severing dark connections and strengthening my energetic boundaries and much more.

I am classically trained in Divine Intervention/Spontaneous Remission, Mayan Light Language, Rising Star, the Serenity Vibrational Healing and Enlightenment Technique and Reiki. I am also a ground commander of the Earth forces of the Galactic Federation of Light. I am blessed and grateful to be propelled and assisted by a wonderful healing team of angels, master beings and my star family.

In my free time I create visionary, abstract digital artwork ( and perform energetic service work for the Earth, its inhabitants, the Multiverse and beyond.

I am blessed to be able to assist you in elevating your vibration, cultivating enlightened awareness and perception, increasing your health and well-being and fostering personal sovereignty and self-sufficiency!


"Marc Alexander is one powerful motherfucker. If you want a fast quick way to clear your shit and process it out, he's your guy. In all honesty, that's really what happens. He gets to the core of the "issue" and takes charge to move it through your system. It's definitely not for someone who is looking for a soft gentle nudge to get you to move your foot. This is a jump, all the way in, kind of experience. But once you get through it you know you got through it. I highly recommend it for those looking for a deep, direct, quick, powerful healing.""

Keirstin Proud, FL