Angelic Star Healing

Welcome to Angelic Star Healing!

At a high level, Angelic Star Healing will:
  • Angelic Star Healing will Liberate stuck and unwanted energies.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Vanquish darkness.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Transmute dis-ease of all kinds.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Awaken and stimulate your natural healing abilities, star DNA and dormant gifts.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Expand your awareness.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Remove limitations.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Build healthy boundaries.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Align you with higher realities and possibilities.

  • Angelic Star Healing will Facilitate connection and co-creation and with the Divine Source.

Angelic Star Healing

Angelic Star Healing is literally from the stars.

Transmitted and anchored here on Earth by angelic forces and sourced from several evolved galactic lineages, the Angelic Star modality is like Reiki on ‘roids. It utilizes advanced geometries and multiversal metaphysical properties to apply force to intent to trigger both the release of the unwanted and the attraction of Divine Light and Love. Angelic Star helps a person align and resonate with their cosmic blueprint, their highest form of self.

Angelic Star Healing is [not only] for the advanced seeker.

Angelic Star Healing operates under the assumption that it is possible to achieve and sustain enlightened modes of consciousness and existence while inhabiting a human form. As a person progresses spiritually and attains higher and higher levels of mastery of self, disharmony begins to appear in places that were once overlooked and unnoticed. It is as the adage goes, small stones produce large ripples in still water. Angelic Star addresses these ripples and more.

Angelic Star Healing

Angelic Star Healing can succeed where other healing modalities have failed.

There are many more forces at work here on Earth than one can perceive with their five senses. The subtle realms and dimensions that also share universal space with the physical plane of this planet are rife with dischordant energies and malevolent non-physical consciousnesses that are highly disruptive to human awareness. All too often a person’s life is discolored and darkened by these forces and beings, and modern science offers little to no true understanding. Our energy bodies, chakras, aura and psyche can often take a heavy beating that results in a broad spectrum of human dis-ease and disharmony. Symptoms include hypersensitivity, emotional trauma, irrational fear, low self-esteem/self-worth, depression, fatigue, living in the past, lack of passion, lack of creativity, errant or self-defeating thoughts, hearing voices, phantom pain, physical illness, lack of connection to Earth, lack of connection to people, suicidality – the possibilities are virtually endless. Angelic Star is especially helpful in healing ailments with these “X-factor” origins.

Angelic Star Healing can help you today!

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